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Industry news is stuck in the past. Staying up to date with the latest developments in your industry can take hours and hours of filtering through poorly designed websites & physical magazines. It should not be this way. We are changing the game providing brief 3 minute readable summaries of the top news stories of the day in your industry direct to your inbox.

Whether you work in aerospace engineering, cyber security or edtech we have a niche newsletter for you.

All our newsletters take 3 minutes to read. The same amount of time it takes to drink your morning coffee.

Industry NewsTech

Using a combination of proprietary scraping technology, news aggregation tooling and machine learning af. gathers thousands of stories in real time across an industry. We then rate these news stories using social signals, domain reputation & NLP to reduce them from thousands to 5-6. Every day (just before your coffee break) we email these stories out to you showing you the latest developments in your industry from the last 24 hours.

This is not a perfect system, it is very much a work in progress. We are currently in our beta phase and so every email sent has a request for feedback. This feedback allows us to improve our process and deliver the best service to our readers.

Todays News, Delivered Fast

All of our newsletters are focused on news from the last 24 hours. Nothing outdated, all up to date, cutting edge and highly engaging.

Engaging Content

There are many services out there that rate and aggregate content to surface the best quality articles. This industry is booming. They do it best and we do not have the resources to compete. We lean on their hard work combining multiple leading industry tools to aggregate and surface the quality content you care about.